About the BILG

The Baltimore Industry Liaison Group was established as an inclusive group made up of federal contractors and consultants in the Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia areas. It is our goal to foster communication, education, and cooperation between the federal contractors in our region and the OFCCP.

We have quarterly meetings typically held the second Tuesday of each of the following quarters: February, May, September, and December from 8:30 to 12:00 noon. The meetings are usually held at member company locations, colleges or universities or social service organizations committed to the goals and mission of the Industry Liaison Group.

The format of the meetings varies; however, typically we have a speaker on a topic of interest to the group or a roundtable discussion among member companies. OFCCP staff, including the District Director, always attends and provide us with agency and office updates. A representative from EEOC typically attends as well.  Time is allowed for OFCCP representatives to answer questions.

We encourage participation and empower members to take an active role in the leadership and direction of the BILG.

About the NILG

The National Industry Liaison Group (NILG) is an employer association on affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. The NILG currently supports approximately 200 local and regional ILGs. The members of the board of the NILG are volunteers from private and public sector organizations and work to address legal and regulatory issues regarding the EEO and AA area.

The NILG mission is to promote Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity by working closely with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, related administrative agencies and local and regional ILGS to:

  • Advocate the positions and viewpoints of our constituents.
  • Help influence regulatory and legislative outcomes.
  • Educate our constituents on developments regarding equal employment opportunity and affirmative action and related regulatory changes.


National Industry Liaison Groups were encouraged by Ellen Shong, Director of OFCCP, in the early 1980’s. In the anticipation of new regulations, Ms. Shong wanted open communication between industry and OFCCP in hopes of changing the confrontational relationships that had formed over the years. She suggested the formation of Industry Liaison Groups (ILGs) between the government and private industry to develop positive partnerships to interact in a non-adversarial environment, to promote and support nondiscrimination and equal access and opportunity in the American workplace.

Industry Liaison Groups are formed voluntarily by government contractors and OFCCP offices throughout the country with mission of developing partnerships to deal proactively with affirmative action issues.